Struggling with Motivation?

Many people struggle on with self-help techniques, often buying books and vitamin pills. The trouble is, there are so many books and so many theories. Without a proper understanding of how your body works, what has gone wrong and why, how do you really know what you might need? Patients have consulted me after spending years trying self-help methods, with little or no success.

The fact is that we are all different. The kind of diet and supplementation that keeps one person healthy could lead to arthritis or heart disease for another. One person with a digestive problem might feel better on a diet which does not agree at all with another person who has exactly the same type of problem. So using information form a book is very often "hit or miss" and if you have a troublesome problem with which your doctor cannot help, you could spend years searching for the right answer because no-one has written a book especially for you.

Seeing a professional nutritional therapist could change all this. When you begin to see the improvements in your health, you will be in no doubt as to how powerful this therapy can be.

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