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  Pat will be speaking at the following venues during 2017 - likely more to come!
  • May 14th, Wiltshire Vegan Fair, Neeld, Chippenham, SN15 3ER

  • May 20th, Vegfest, Bristol

  • October 21st, Vegfest, Olympia, London

  • October 28th, West Midlands Vegan Festival, Wolves Civic, WV1 1RD

  Pat has been featured in a new book entitled 'Vegan Athletes' compiled by Leigh-Chantelle and available from Amazon UK.  

  Pat Reeves videos can be viewed on YouTube using the following links;
- A chat with Pat Reeves
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- Radio WM interview with Pat Reeves
- Daily Mail video - Pat Reeves beats Cancer video by Barcroft

  In March 2014, Pat broke the World deadlift record at the BDFPA National event. Left photo shows her World Record breaking performance, and right photo shows her proudly holding her trophy. Click on photos for bigger images.  

  London Vegfest Pat will be appearing at Europes biggest Veggie event this year. The London Vegfest 2015 is being held at London Olympia in the Living Raw Zone.

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London Vegfest PAT REEVES - Cancer survivor & Powerlifter

Appearing on Saturday October 5th at 4pm in the Living Raw Zone

At the time of writing I am a scant few days from officiating and very much looking forward to the opportunity to raise my World record at our World Drug-Free Single Event Power-lifting Championships in Antwerp. Now approaching sixty-eight years old, I am currently the oldest female champion in this great sport!! I am Gen Sec to British Drug-Free Power-lifting Association, National event promoter, holding the current World Dead-lift and Bench-Press records in my age and bodyweight category, International referee and coach, travelling world-wide.

Within my role as practitioner of Nutritional and Functional Medicine, I am based in the West Midlands, taking patients from United Kingdom, Europe and beyond. Now twenty-five years experience in returning thousands of patients to optimal health, I am enthralled to be living an amazing life for far longer than anyone expected, given my own well-documented genetic cancer challenge. I am consulted to assist with all manner of compromised health problems, from the most serious to those that are simply very annoying and decrease the quality of life for those suffering. I enjoy a very busy and super-rewarding life!

Being supported using a plant-based regime for around forty-seven years - for the last twenty of those mainly consuming living foods, has totally transformed my health, radically changing orthodox predicted outcome, enabling me to defeat an intractable cancer situation.

My newly re-printed and up-dated book 'A Living Miracle' now confers information relative to the most valuable supplementation which has dramatically assisted a return-to-health for my patients over the last few years. My book also covers all aspects of how to make a living food protocol become second-nature - and as easy as switching on an oven! I have featured one-hundred simple recipes developed and used since I discovered this amazing health-providing food preparation system.

  As Gen Secretary of the BDFPA, Pat will be hosting both National Singles and National Full Power, respectively on 28th February and 28th/29th March, 2015. In addition BDFPA have been sanctioned to host World Single event during June, 2015 in Telford, everyone welcome!  

  During the last six months of 2012, Pat has extensively revised and greatly added to her inspirational book 'A Living Miracle'. This has just undergone a second printing and is now availaible via this website, or on Amazon, etc.  

  Read Pat's interview with "Viva La Vegan!" regarding Vegan Powerlifting.  

  Pat increasing the World Deadlift record at the World Championships in France on 24th June 2012 PAT IN THE NEWS...

Pint-sized powerlifter Pat plans bench press comp

12:30pm Saturday 14th July 2012

KINGSWINFORD power-lifting champion Pat Reeves is throwing her weight into organising another competition for musclemen and women.

Pat, general secretary of the British Drug-free Power-lifting Association (BDFPA), is organising an open bench press competition to be held at Power Press, Dudley, on Sunday August 19.

Pint-sized Pat, a nutritionist and cancer survivor who has a host of British and world titles to her name, recently raised her world dead lift record to 94kg at the World Single Event Power-lifting Championships in Autun, France, last month.

Anyone interested in competing on August 19 can contact her via email - pat@foodalive.org - or call 01384 270 270.

Photo shows Pat increasing the World Deadlift record at the World Championships in France on 24th June 2012.

  Pat has been requested by the organiser to speak for the seventh year running at the Wolverhampton Vegan Festival on in October, given that her talks are always well-attended at this event.  

  Pat has recently been featured in the press. Read the article here: 'Power lifter aims to inspire others'.

  An amazing compilation of compassionate living - and a five-page contribution from myself! To buy please email Tim at either knut.caspari@gmail.com or sjolberg@online.no

Every vegan - or aspiring vegan should have this book in their library!

Nutritional therapy is a dynamic natural health care system. Some people think that it is just "healthy eating" and/or pills. It is not. It is much, much more. As a professional practitioner, I have worked with many people just like you using up-to-date scientific techniques to enable you to get the best results with the minimum effort.

I focus on optimising the healing potential of the individual. I do not focus on the illness - only on health.

You will be looked after every step of the way on your nutritional programme, with email/telephone support and plenty of printed information to get you started.

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Vegan Views Magazine
Pat has regularly submitted articles to Vegan Views Magazine for over ten years. Now the magazine is under new management - with a preference for more diverse articles. Pat continues to contribute on an occasional basis.

The Early Years

The following was published in a magazine thirteen years ago

November, 2001

Currently I am aged 56, with a familial genetic implication of cancer, ascertained in 1975. Between 1975 and 1984 - when I was diagnosed with a brain tumour, I spent considerable time and endeavour researching what the future could hold for me. I achieved a high level of fitness through competitive swimming, triathlons, marathon running, body building and subsequently power-lifting - which captured my heart in the late eighties and has seen me through many a trauma. I have held the British Masters' champion title for many years and was successful at the Worlds' and the European Power-lifting Championships. However, after a nervous breakdown in the eighties over an eventual divorce, a brain tumour was diagnosed. This consolidated my efforts to fight back with every ounce of energy I had. Conventionally speaking, I had time to seek other options. I declined orthodox treatment, favouring a natural approach and began a modified Gerson therapy and ate along the lines of the Bristol Cancer Centre. Already vegan for over many years, this was not difficult. My studies, research and application of nutritional therapy, as I understood it then, were so successful, that I eventually became a qualified practitioner.

I partnered a brilliant Canadian immunologist. With his untiring research and my total focus on nutrition to support my immune system, the tumour shrank and a year later, no further evidence was found. In the late eighties, during my study years, I urged my conventional medics to check out osteoporosis, as I had a strong feeling I was heading in this direction. My fears were ignored for a considerable time, but eventually a bone density scan showed significant deterioration. Despite dire warnings of 'probably I had twelve months' without drug treatment, I felt sufficiently confident to resolve this situation. Although the medics were highly doubtful of a successful outcome, subsequent bone-scans showed indisputable evidence of bone-regeneration. This is the period when I 'discovered' living foods and their application, and did a total shake-up of my mineral input. I discovered my anaerobic training really impacted on my bone density in a positive way. I manipulated dietary minerals to the extent that I could heal a break in a few weeks. I now have to 'fight' for repeat bone-density scans, but my present endocrinologist is so impressed she actually refers patients to me!

This whole episode was considered a separate issue to the cancer situation. My life progressed well for a few years until 1994 when a tumour in my knee developed, again after a particularly stressful episode. Cancer now challenged the bones. Diagnosed as a rare type of Paget's disease, amputation loomed close. This cancer compromises my heart and kidney function. The connection between the osteosarcoma and my heart is an insidious one - already giving me four heart attacks. I have had to address atrioventricular problems, which at present remain controlled. Still shunning conventional treatment, except for a short spell using Dioxin, but alluding to the fact that some heart surgery may become necessary, I employed herbal medicine, under instruction, using hawthorn extract, Terminalia arjuna, Astralagus membranaceus plus high doses of ubiquinone as the most potent catalysts. My antioxidant intake escalated, vitamin C was around 16 grams at this time. I avoided the surgery.

Unfortunately further tumours in my arms became evident last year, following the fourth heart attack, the last several months have seen me exhausted with fighting back, with a prognosis of three months. I am very pleased to say that I have outlived an astonishing number of death sentences.

One of my very low moments last year was being overdosed with a form of chelation therapy, which was instigated by my American cardiologist in conjunction with a programme I agreed to with an American Cancer research centre in my efforts to establish the unknown connection between the osteosarcoma and my heart malfunction. Unfortunately, I was so sensitised that even the correct dosage could not be given and I had to withdraw. I had to use kidney dialysis for a considerable time. Subsequently I have relied upon herbs and chlorophyll to slowly remove the heavy metal toxicity, thought responsible. Supporting the immune system works on all levels. Presently I have just made it into remission. It has only been a few days since I have known that the cancer is not presently active, and I am in celebratory mode!

The objective of my treatment has always been one of supporting the immune system, which is all I ultimately have to win with. I have supported myself with a dietary dogma that excludes anything which could negatively influence my situation and have built up Living Foods into a veritable art form - foods that entirely contain their original enzyme content. I am convinced I would not be here now without embracing this modality. I have a fierce desire to win, both the disease and at my chosen sport.

Like Elaine Bruce, I conduct Living food days in the West Midlands, where patients with cancer - and other illness may avail themselves of this highly immune-enhancing lifestyle. Obviously, though intrinsically important, dietary/supplemental considerations are not a complete answer and thus I have used many other allied therapies addressing mind, body and spirit. NLP, bio-energetic-medicine, electro-magnetics, ozone therapy, meditation and spiritual healing now take high priority in my life, together with reflexology, aromatherapy and bio-feedback. In spite of a (conventionally speaking) bleak outlook with a 'no-hope' cancer, I have continually trained, competed and worked - taking only a few breaks during all this time when I simply could not function.

I remember well the early days of horrendous diagnosis, of being given no choice other than allopathic medicine, and I had to dig deeply into my reserves. There is now a lot more natural cancer care. I am presently putting thoughts together which will eventually become my first inspirational book on events over many years. This year, I have undergone several wheatgrass juice 'fasts' as total water-fasting is, at present, considered not the best option. With wheatgrass I can cleanse and optimally provide basic nutrition for my body to heal. I have successfully applied a therapeutic diet to optimally improve immune function in my relentless quest to defeat this most unconquerable of cancers. I implore readers never to give up. Embrace whatever it takes to achieve a lifestyle that balances mind, body and spirit harmoniously to achieve the result you seek. Conceive, believe and achieve.

Love, Light and Peace.

Pat Reeves, DN, DthD. Practitioner of Nutritional and Functional Medicine employing kinesiology, dowsing, iridology, biochemic medicine, Alexander and magnetics.

British School of YogaBrisitsh Association for Nutritional Therapy

Full member of The British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy. Registered with the Nutritional Therapy Council and with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.